Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast, based on both the timeless fairy tale and the acclaimed 1991 animated film, tells the story of Belle, a strong and independently minded young woman who allows herself to be taken prisoner by a horrific Beast in order to save her father.  Trapped in his castle, Belle befriends the Beast’s enchanted staff, and eventually learns to see beyond his gruff and menacing exterior to the kind and gentle man that lies beneath.  However, she soon faces a true monster when Gaston,  a strong yet shallow man from her village, arrives with an angry mob in hopes of killing the Beast.  Belle, along with the castle’s staff, must find a way to save him, and do so before the last petal from an enchanted rose falls, which will curse the Beast to remain in his horrific form forever.

Beauty and the Beast stars Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans and Josh Gad, and was executive produced by Don Hahn.